BroadSign Stops Web Marketing

Chris Sheldrake

Earlier this week BroadSign gave notice to a number of online web sites that it was pulling its banner advertisements and canceling its sponsorship deals with them.

One of the first sites to be affected was Digital Signage Today, closely followed we believe by who will now lose their long term ‘Leaderboard Sponsor’ – though at the time of writing (and certainly without a new sponsor yet lined up) the old sponsor / banner advert was still running as shown above!

This is almost definitely a general cost cutting exercise in the wake of recent layoffs.

It’s doubtful that it is the start of a new more sensible marketing strategy – mind you we always said that BroadSign used to spend its marketing budget like a “drunken sailor on shore leave”!!!

BroadSign seems to be continuing its offline deals though – it’s certainly still a Platinum Sponsor of OVAB’s Digital Media Summit: Focus on Digital OOH being held on 29th October and also title sponsor of next year’s Screen Media Expo Europeand there are no indications that this will change, Ed

The motto of the story may well be, “be careful who you do business with” (at least for the web sites) or should that actually be, “be careful who you take investment from” (BroadSign).

Whatever way BroadSign wish to spin this story it marks the end of what was a long, over generous, on-line marketing streak AND is going to leave a big hole on many an industry web site.

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