Billboards are sticking around – with or without glue

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I am an avid reader of newspapers and magazines but unfortunately not a regular reader of the Grauniad <sic> and so missed this interesting article “Billboards are sticking around – with or without glue” on Monday of this week. It was written by an ‘authority’ and so well worth a read.


I missed it but the Sixteen Nine blog didn’t – it’s only fair then that they should host the interesting discussion going on around the article (started of course by foot-in-mouth yours truly with his ‘shotgun comments’).

Do please take a look and join in the debate.

I have also started a Q+A thread on the topic on LinkedIn and we have had some really great answers and thoughts on it already – my favourite comment to date “it’s not with our without glue it’s LEDs or ladders” – love it!! Do please join in the debate…

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