NanoLumens, Prysm Where r u?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The problem with having your so-called ‘partners’ exhibit for you at events is that if they pull out you can end up with no representation at tbe best shows.

We hear that both NanoLumens and Prysm are going to miss out on showcasing their wares at #ScreenMediaExpo in May. This is a real shame as both companies, with their innovative screen technology have attracted a lot of attention at events recently.

#ScreenMediaExpo is fast looking like it is THE place to show off innovation and new product – MediaZest’s virtual mannequin, Arsenal Integrated’s Buzzwall and Intel’s Connected Store to name just a few.

2 Responses to “NanoLumens, Prysm Where r u?”

  1. Kyle Porter Says:

    Per the April 1 article, ( we were waiting on the event to come to Vegas 🙂

    But seriously, we’d love to be at the Screen Media Expo. In fact, we’d love to be at every show where there are people who can use NanoLumens innovative displays. May will be a big month for us as we have scheduled a west coast road show, return trip to Canada, and some major “first installs” with big U.S. Venues.

    We will lament missed opportunity if we can’t make it this time and will look forward to next years show. PSCo is an awesome partner and we are both working hard to continue to bring this new technology to market.

  2. Mark Pigou Says:

    Good to hear you guys are so busy Kyle – should be – great displays!

    Great shame we won’t see you at Screenmedia expo 2011 – those nice folks over at PSCo need to grab the opp!!

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