Healthy Growth in Pharmacies

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Forbes, Turkey

A recurrent theme in my speeches and talks is the success of (knowledgeable) niche network providers – often quoted by me, National Lotteries, Pharmacy / Apotheke networks and even Music themed networks (if you like that is exactly how ‘niche’ / what business many ambient music providers are in).

I also like what I have seen, in what we in the West arrogantly call the ’emerging markets’, in the way that the traditional marketing and business press have been quick to jump in and discuss digital out of home. I have seen this in Greece now (their Marketing Week’s very own Digital Signage conference) and in Turkey.

Attached is an article from the Turkish November 2007 Forbes Magazine’s marketing section (it’s in Turkish) about the success of Demedya’s Pharmacy Channel network (previously reported on here

In Turkey I understand that the Pharmacy Channel is getting lots of attention fromn Pharmaceutical suppliers, media companies and all the Pharmacy related agencies – and of course as you can see from the Forbes article, lots of press.

Dijital Elektronik Medya Sistemleri A.?.

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