Scala’s Multilingual Ad Manager

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

No, we don’t mean the guy in the photo – that’s John Devonshire, director of client services, Scala Canada, and we didn’t ask how multilingual he is.

However, Devonshire headed a great breakout session explaining that many intricacies of Scala’s Ad Manager during the company’s Connected Signage Conference in Philadelphia, and during it, we learned that Ad Manager, Scala’s sophisticated platform, is now available in English, Spanish, Japanese and (partially) in Russian.

We also learned that the product is sold in 100 countries and that it’s not necessary to purchase the full Ad Manager at one time. It’s available by module and there are many price points that can be in part determined by the number of users and the number of displays. However, it is necessary to start out with the Inventory Management module and Document management if you’re dealing with digital.

We were happy to see Devonshire point out the ability to target by cross referencing advertising material with companies like Adcentricity and organizations like the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association’s InfoCenter.

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