Digital Signage Helps Startup Challenge French Taxi Monopoly

Dmitry Sokolov

Easy Take uses Digital Signage to offer low-cost Taxi in FranceSomewhat unrelated to digital signage, the French Taxi Industry for decades has been controlled (and arguably monopolized) by Fédération Nationale des Artisans du Taxi.

Challenging the Status Quo is an upstart, Easy Take. According to a BBC report, Easy Take (operating in select southern cities of france) is now offering a low-cost fare model, partially funded by ad revenue from advertisements on the in-vehicle digital signage.

The BBC clip covering the story showed the screens integrated directly into the headrests of the vehicles, likely using in-car entertainment modules otherwise found in aftermarket in-Car DVD kits. Snazzy.

We will be sending our local reporter for a more detailed report soon!

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