Only Serious Candidates Need Apply

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Digital View Group’s new Digital Signage division, under President Robert ‘Bob’ Michaels – one of the really nice guys in our business, we might add – is seriously looking for some star candidates to fill a number of positions in the company.

As we’ve written before, Digital View Group is dividing the company into two solid divisions: one that focuses on its Display Electronics – the LCD Control products that it have been manufacturing for around 15 years and provides to over 200 manufacturers of Displays around the globe; and the new Digital View Signage) under which all of the branded, end user products will be organized. These include the entire family of Media Players; the full range of Monitors; Video Flyers (an extensive range of Monitors with embedded Media Players); and a range of Scalers and Converters.

“We are also moving forward on an aggressive design program that will see us introduce several new products over the coming year – all centering around display technology, our core area of focus, ie.getting the content to the display and showing it,” says Michaels.

“As part of our new approach, we are changing our historical, primarily direct to end user sales approach and structuring to market and sell the DV Signage products through Channel Sales,” Michaels says. “In North America, we will work with representatives to broaden our coverage and service to dealers and integrators. Outside the US we will focus our efforts on selling through distribution. In North America, I need to fill several positions, ideally situated in the Connecticut office which is the Signage Division headquarters.”

Among the positions to be filled are:

  • Sales Support Engineers: These will provide pre and post sales technical assistance to Digital View Signage’s customer base, assisting primarily through training them on the use of the products, applications expertise, product specifying and the like.
  • Sales Engineers: “These will head the effort to bring in orders and provide sales support to Digital View Signage’s local and regional representatives “so getting people here who know the channel is important,” says Michaels. “Immediate areas of responsibility will in the Eastern US and Canada. (West coast requirements are handled by sales and support personnel in Digital View’s Morgan Hill, California, facility.”
  • Inside Sales Coordinator: Someone to be in the office all the time to quickly address the needs of Digital View Signage’s reps, dealers and integrators.
  • Marketing Coordinator: “While our core marketing staff in the U.K. have come up with some innovative approaches to the market, we need a Marketing Coordinator in North America to more or less ‘localize’ our message and approach,” Michaels says.
  • In addition, for Europe, Digital View Signage is actively recruiting a European Sales Manager. “We have a substantial operation in London, but we will want this person to be based in Continental Europe as the primary duties will be to develop, manage and support the European Sales Channel,” says Michaels. “Technical support will come from the UK office.”

And while Digital View Signage is not yet actively recruiting in Asia, that is in the plan for later in the year. These people will be stationed in the Hong Kong office.

“These are pretty exciting times here at Digital View as we continue to add depth and talent to the Division and the Group as a whole,” Michaels says. “You’ll see us at Digital Screen Media in London and Infocomm here in the U.S. in the near term.”

Why is DailyDOOH writing this in such depth? Because it appears that a lot of job candidates should learn to read job requirements and to write a proper CV and cover letter if they really are serious. Are schools not covering this?

Michaels, and others we’ve talked to, have been getting ridiculous messages from so-called interested candidates for jobs. If a posted job says to whom one should apply and what’s needed, sending messages such as ‘Dear Hiring Guy’ or “Here’s my resume. Call me.’ Isn’t going to cut it.

If you are serious about applying for jobs at Digital View Signage, there are additional details on the company’s website and Michaels can be contacted directly at

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