McDonald’s Adopts Self-order Kiosk in France

Geny Caloisi

Lunch time at a McDonalds in a shopping centre area can be quite busy and have long, discouraging cues. However, McDonald’s in France are getting round this issue by using a self service ordering kiosk.

We spotted the photographed kiosk at the Bordeaux Lac shopping centre in the south of France.

McDonald’s France teamed up with Acrelec to roll out the company’s kiosks across the country. The menus are easy to understand and the kiosk simple operate: touch the screen, find what you want, insert credit card, collect at the counter… simple!

According to Jacques Mangeot, Acrelec’s Director, “The kiosks are perfectly suited to a company like McDonald’s in which each restaurant has to manage very busy periods. They help them to avoid losing customers or making them wait. Customers no longer have to wait and can order in a more relaxed manner.”

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