I Call Them Freeloaders

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We usually wait until after an event before naming and shaming those who should have exhibited but didn’t. Below then, in no particular order, are a list of folks who are not exhibiting at #ScreenMediaExpo but seem happy to maximise their involvement on someone else’s stand (via press release) or worse…

  1. Sony are not exhibiting but have organised a press dinner for Tuesday 17th May (i.e this evening, the night before the event). FYI our European editor, not one to turn down a free meal is attending, It should be obvious from all the other debuts, announcements and product launches at #ScreenMediaExpo this year that there is only one place to do a product announcement (as they intend this evening) and that’s at #ScreenMediaExpo itself
  2. Sharp (is there a trend here with screen manufacturers). Not exhibiting but very happy to issue a press release stating that Harp Visual Communications on stand D33, Love Content on stand E55, Harris on stand C15 and Pixel Inspirations on stand D9 will all be using Sharp screens and video walls.
  3. Prysm have actually made the best of PSCo not exhibiting so maybe we are unfair putting them (Prysm) in the ‘freeloaders’ category cos’ when your main distributor pulls out of one of Europe’s major events (as PSCo did) you still need to have a presence. Prysm’s lovely digital mannequins can be found on the Harris stand C15. FYI PSCo not exhibiting means that NanoLumens have no presence at the show this year which is a real shame (maybe those two should get a new distributor).
  4. Touch2View ltd have a nice enough new product that surely warranted a stand of its own and lots of PR on its debut but instead the owners just fished around to find someone they know (probably slipped ’em 500 quid to share some space) and voila their iTab appears on the U-Touch stand F25

There are some nice products on display above so please do go visit them at #ScreenMediaExpo over the next few days BUT when you do why not remind them that next year if they want an event to return to in London then they really ought to book exhibit space of their own.

3 Responses to “I Call Them Freeloaders”

  1. Stan Says:

    There are a few other outfits which are quite frankly cheapskates and should really be named and shamed. Well without naming names they are typically international, multi billion dollar brands who happen to operate out of Holland. You know who you are and you should know better.

  2. David Says:

    Interestingly I did not see Christies at the show either, well apart from the free loading on another stand. Strangely not mentioned in this article. I guess the dollar is mightier than the pen …… again!

  3. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    David, thanks for your comment (and for your real / correct email address and not hiding under a cloak of anonymity). Christie Managed Services (albeit from the US side of the business) were there with their partner Arsenal Media and both spent big on the exhibition space and everything around the event (they took 50 sq m2 at the front of the hall and this would not have been cheap).

    Whilst visitors would have seen Microtiles at other places around the show floor; Amigo Digital’s stand, 10 squared and Concept Displays were three places where we saw them they weren’t donated tiles (they are owned by the exhibitor) nor did Christie crow about it / issue a press release saying where they were and how they were involved. We are Christie ambassadors and make no secret of that (readers know exactly where are loyalties lie).

    If Sony want to be part of the industry they could start by having their press dinner as something like a press breakfast as part of the show on day 1 or day 2 (like LG did so successfully at DSE 2011).

    If Sharp want to be part of the industry they could take exhibition space as well as donate screens to other exhibitors.

    … and my point with regard PSCO is that IMHO (and it is just my opinion) they let down their customers (both Prysm and Nanolumens) by not having a booth to showcase their products. We have just come off the back of one of the best shows we have been to in many years and they were to all intents and purposes not there / not represented.

    Quite simply a big missed opportunity.

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