DPAA Adds Two New Association Members

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

ABDOH, the Brazilian Out-of-Home Association, and the Digital Signage Federation have recently joined the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, New York as its new Association Members…

  1. Founded in April 2008, ABDOH’s current 16-member organization is comprised of the most influential DOOH operators in Brazil. The mission of ABDOH is to disseminate information about the DOOH industry; enhance relationships between ABDOH members and the advertising community; create standardization of industry procedures; and sell products and services and to position ABDOH as a powerful tool to build strong brands.

    In the last three years, ABDOH has been developing relationships with many different marketing and technological sectors such as ABA – Brazilian Advertisers Association, ABAP – Brazilian Advertising Agencies Association, and The Media Group comprised of Brazilian Advertising Agencies’ media professionals.

    The ABDOH member network operators have screens in varied venues throughout Brazil: Buses and Bus Stations, Airports, Train Stations, Super-Markets, Retail Stores, Elevators, Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Cafeterias, Convenience Stores, Malls, Universities, Gas Stations, Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices.

    The Digital Out-of-Home advertising sector has been the largest growing media in Brazil this past decade.

  2. The Digital Signage Federation, founded in Feb./ 2010, is a non- profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry. The mission of DSF is to ensure that meaningful growth in the digital signage industry continues in ways that benefit each of its members, and the industry as a whole. The DSF has open discourse of shareable ideas, educational opportunities, benchmarks for industry ethics and accepted modes of behavior and sanctioned certification – all making the industry stronger.

    In only one year, the DSF has grown to over 300 members in 33 countries including: US, Canada, Mexico, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, UK, Slovenia, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Taman, Taiwan, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Benin (West Africa), Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Tunisia and Australia.

    The DSF provides a year-round education program for members and a full program of member services featuring a vertical industry outreach program to bring the digital signage industry’s message to thousands of end-users.

Sue Danaher, DPAA president, says, “Our objectives are aligned with ABDOH and DSF: to grow the industry through education about the sector and to create a forum in which we can establish guidelines, standards and best practices that facilitate growth. The more we can support and advance our associations’ charters, the more successful this industry will become. And I’m confident DPAA will benefit from the expertise and knowledge ABDOH and DSF bring to the party.”

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