Exclusive – Posterscope’s Creative Optimisation Guide

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

To help advertisers and their agencies get the most from the digital out-of-home medium, Posterscope’s ‘Hyperspace’ division have launched COG – the Creative Optimisation Guide.

COG is effectively an interactive multimedia application with 14 sections covering everything from dynamic copy options to the differences between a digital poster and (quelle horreur) out-of-home TV.

Our favorite sections were definitely the ‘Inappropriate and poor creative’ and ‘I think i need sound’ portions BUT the whole guide is packed full of inspiring work, and some that is quite the opposite 😉

James Davies, Board Director of Posterscope & Hyperspace told us “Digital out-of-home screens have been the canvas for some of the most impressive creative of the last few years and we are launching the COG to help raise the creative bar even further”

He added “Everybody understands the principles of posters, they’ve been around for thousands of years in some form, but screens are new & everyone has a lot to learn. We are just trying to accelerate the industry’s understanding and inspire more great work”

The COG will be made available via Hyperspace’s digital out-of-home news feed, electric-avenue.com

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