Christie: 4K Is Not Just For Cinemas

Geny Caloisi

Christie’s D4K35 projector debuted today at #InfoComm11 aimed at the Pro AV market. Providing 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution, the projector is  targeted at applications requiring ultra-high resolution and the highest brightness available – including amusement parks, large auditoriums, museums, planetariums, virtual reality settings, and automotive designers using CAD. The Christie D4K35 projector delivers 35,000 lumens with DLP quality and reliability.

“The Christie D4K35 is the first 4K projector released to the world for non-cinema applications. Based on the latest DLP® chip set, this unit is an extremely high performance addition to the Christie Pro-AV family of products,” said George Tsintzouras, senior director of product management, Business Products, Christie. “With DLP® color, contrast, performance, and quality, the Christie D4K35 now offers the market unprecedented access to pristine, true-to-life color and brightness that will take large screen projection to heights not attainable with other 4K technologies.”

Equipped with Quad 3G serial digital inputs, the Christie D4K35 displays 12-bit (4:4:4) 4K images with uncompromising quality while its twin HDMI inputs, which deploy industrial DVI connectors, provides functionality for Blu-ray, HD and other 2K sources. And with different lamp options ranging from 13,000 to 35,000 lumens, the Christie D4K35 is adaptable for all light levels.

“With more than four times the number of pixels as 2K projectors, the Christie D4K35 also overcomes the need to manage 2 x 2 tiled arrays of projection in order to display 4K resolution,” added Tsintzouras.

The Christie D4K35 can also display triple flash 3D with 1080p and 2K sources up-scaled to 4K; the input format matches all available 3D video sources without requiring costly extra lens hardware.

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