Digital Signage Expo / Interactive Technology Expo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This event is unfortunately only a few weeks after ISE, Amsterdam (which we will be covering in depth next year) but it’s likely, for all those who have asked, that ‘yes’ we will be attending…

Digital Signage Expo &
Interactive Technology Expo
February 24-26, 2009
Las Vegas Convention Center

By the way, other events that we will (definitely) be at and covering in 2009 include: –

  • Screen Media Expo Europe in London in April – we have booked some floor space this time around and will be having our very own ‘DailyDOOH Lounge‘ which we are all rather excited about
  • Infocomm in Orlando in June

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  1. Geri Wolff Says:

    Hi, please let me know who will be attending DSE Feb ’09 from daily dooh, along with title, phone, email and physical address so we can add the appropriate person to the press list and have press credentials waiting.

    Thank you.

    Geri Wolff
    President/CEO – Market Works International

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