Lessons for a successful Digital Out of Home Future

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Setting the Pace. Lessons for a successful Digital Out of Home Future

Attached is my presentation, “Setting the Pace – Lessons for a successful Digital Out of Home Future”, that I will be giving later today at Digital Signage Asia 2007.

The first day of the conference saw some excellent speakers. Personally I thought that Day 1 saw the best presenters saved to last though I thoroughly enjoy the Video Mining presentation from Dr. Rajeev Sharma and Bill Gerba gave a very good opening speech with some great insights to building successful screen networks.

Day two looks like being an equally good session. We have two content specialists; Nick Gale from Realisation and Alex Hughes from Amigo Digital sharing with us their creative experience and we also have, what I think will be, a great case study from Christian Vaglio-Giros, the MD of Neo Advertising with regard their work at Carrefour.

For those of you familiar with my presentations, bear with me on this one, the first few foils will give you a nice sense of deja vu but I need, as always to set the scene with a number of definitions and examples before being able to talk about the future and some of my predictions and lessons going forward.

Do please plough on through the presentation or start at the back with the conclusions and work your way towards the front!!

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