PayPal’s Screach Innovation

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

PayPal unveiled its Screach enabled digital-out-of-home innovation at Le Web conference in Paris recently.

The proof of concept was created by John Lunn, Director of Innovation at PayPalX and his team.

Whilst not a totally new concept (it allows consumers to purchase products from a shop even after that shop has closed) we did like the ‘enabling to interact’ via Screach and the PayPal itself mechanism.

By entering the advertised code into the Screach app the window wakes up and the consumer will be able to see an almost life-size projection of the product of their choice in the window.

Paul Rawlings, Screenreach Interactive CEO told us “What PayPal has created is a very interesting and creative use of our open platform. We’re excited to see how they will continue to experiment with Screach to offer their clients an innovative option for generating revenue and engaging the consumer.”

PayPal built the experience using the free Screach open platform, all of the resources for which can be found at

Any developers wanting to create something similar can simply access the resources and start building. PayPal’s experience is a great example of Screach’s flexibility – the layer of interaction that Screach enables can be applied across so many variations of content. This PayPal experience demonstrates how easily the platform can make the transition to the retail industry too.

PayPal, we understand, might be going live with an experience on London’s Oxford Street during London Fashion Week in February 2012 as well.

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