@Amscreen_Simon You’re Having A Larf Mate

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Every now and again we feel compelled to roll out the rules for Gen 2.0 networks, put together so well by DecisionPoint Media Insights‘ Bill Collins back in July 2008.

(Supposed trial) Amscreen in India

Yes. that’s right – almost four years ago! If we can bastardise the Hovis (bread) commercial “they’re as good today, as they’ve always been!”

So why today especially did we feel a need to repeat these rules? Well over the weekend Simon Sugar* tweeted “Amscreen 1st #DigitalSignage install in Mumbai via @abakhrani #DigitalOOH pic.twitter.com/gGoDAXx3 (picture shown to the right here) which breaks just about EVERY rule in the rulebook…

  1. Bring screens down to eye level
  2. Build screens into endcaps, fixtures and shelving
  3. Abandon the 2001-2002 “hang and bang” model where flat screens are hung nilly-willy around the store, mostly in locations that are difficult for shoppers to see
  4. Control audio so that the soundtrack of these networks is welcomed by shoppers and store employees alike
  5. Pack merchandise around the screens and speakers, so that the sound-and-motion media serves a useful purpose for both marketing and merchandising just as conventional Point-of-Purchase displays do

We had no qualms in telling Amscreen what we thought (“truly awful” is somewhat of an understatement) and Simon was quick to reply via twitter, we quote “@DailyDOOH @abakhrani it’s a trial deployment for operational purposes …relax we know how to do #DigitalSignage in retail”

“relax we know how to do #DigitalSignage in retail” really? Well there is absolutely no evidence that you do if you allow your brand to be associated with installs such as this.

It’s a flimsy excuse that it’s a ‘trial’ – there are surely more than enough reasons to make a trial site perfect (and something of a showpiece). Bottom line there’s an arrogance in operation here and someone’s not listening to what is well proven (and free) advice.

Hovis ‘Go On Lad‘, “It’s as good today, as it’s always been”

*We note that Amscreen now seem to bill themselves as Europe’s Leading Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Operator

7 Responses to “@Amscreen_Simon You’re Having A Larf Mate”

  1. Robert Lewis Says:

    The article hits the nail on the head.

  2. Mark Solomon Says:

    1) Adrian’s obviously waiting for his audition for the Twitter version of The Sweeney.

    2) The problem with Amscreen is that the screen size is really only good for a personal audience because – if the message contains any text (and why wouldn’t it) – the legibility of content is compromised if it’s at a distance or an awkward viewing angle. If the screen is at the point of payment, you’re committed to paying up and moving on or you’re actually at the till and in your transaction.

    It actually makes more sense to have a unit like Amscreen on your way in or way out or – as AC states – as part of the POP setup at the end of gondolas.

  3. Vincent Rice Says:

    Jeebus, you’ve changed your tune a bit. I thought Amscreen and their appalling installations could do no wrong? What could possibly have happened to change your mind?

  4. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Vincent, you are missing the point. Anyone can see how this particular installation breaks all the rules of what is a good retail deployment. As ever we reserve the right to critique whatever we like. This is truly appalling. A

  5. Tom Milner Says:

    I would have preferred to have seen a wider angle shot to see the screen in context with the rest of the store but for all I know the picture was taken from the doorway to the store!
    It’s never nice to see cables and sockets and stuff though, so it’s a miss from my point of view.

  6. Tom Milner Says:

    Did u know 94% people look at our #DigitalSignage #Media Screens when visiting #retail forecourt stores?

    Surely a new format of chin tracking is in order here? 😀 Only Kidding Amscreen!

  7. Jahan Says:

    What works in the West usually do not work in India, even if you have more than a billion people!!!!!. About 10 such 3rd party advertising networks in India have would up in the past 4 years and the last 2 or 3 are on their way out.

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