#dse2012 Showcasing DOOH Expertise From NEC

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

NEC Display Solutions will be showcasing its full range of digital signage expertise, including VUKUNET, at #dse2012.

Dirk Hülsermann, Manager of VUKUNET DOOH Solutions at NEC Display, Europe

And Dirk Hülsermann, manager of DOOH Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe, will also be part of DSE as one of the experts speaking March 6 during DSE’s educational day.

Hülsermann will be speaking at Digital Signage 360: A Global Perspective, an unprecedented half-day international conference presented jointly by DSE and DailyDOOH.

This international conference has the goal of providing anyone interested in the global issues and trends surrounding digital signage with an overview of the opportunities, challenges and achievements in the use of digital signage and Digital Out-Of-Home networks around the world.

If you heard Hülsermann last fall at the Strategy Institute’s Digital Investor Conference in New York, you know not only how interesting and detailed his talk was but how knowledgeable he is on the whole European scene. (He’s not only NEC’s DOOH man there but is also president of OVAB Europe.) Hülsermann recently officially unveiled the European VUKUNET platform tailored to meet with European market needs at the #ISE2012 in Amsterdam.

Hülsermann is but one of several experts from around the world being brought together at the Global seminar to offer their insights and answers on the state of international digital signage.

“DSE offers one of the most comprehensive education programs in the industry, providing vital training and information that will keep you on the leading edge of digital knowledge,” says Hülsermann.

“One of the most dynamic markets globally, the European Digital Out-Of-Home, market is characterized by a combination of cutting-edge technology, clever advertising campaigns and innovative display applications. In this presentation, I will provide an overview of this market and the forces driving the change from static posters and boards to dynamic, interactive digital signage.”

The Global seminar will cover EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and will take a wider look at Latin America and Asia as well. If you are interested in marketing or expanding beyond your own borders, this is the educational event for you. It will be moderated by Adrian Cotterill, co-founder and editor-in-chief of DailyDooH.

Now in its ninth year, DSE has grown to attract attendees and exhibitors from all 50 US states and from 65 countries around the globe. It has become a key avenue for global exchange of ideas, see and display latest technology and share the knowledge necessary for business success.

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