Kansas City Sprint Studio

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nice signage implementation in the Sprint Store in Kansas City, Missouri carried out by Scala Certified Partners: Level 5 Media Group and Hammond Communications Group and IBM.

The Sprint Company recently launched the Sprint Studio in Kansas City – totaling some 5,500 square-feet, the new facility is a high-tech showcase for the latest in retail design and digital signage technology.

Visitors to the store are greeted at the concierge station, where they are then directed to one of five zones, depending on interest. Each zone is equipped with three to five LCD monitors with content relevant to customer queuing and zone specific messaging.

Brian Russell, Managing Director for Level 5 Media Group told us “This truly is one of the most innovative digital signage deployments in a retail space. We are honored to be a part of it and look forward to continuing our partnership with Sprint to help them provide a better experience to their retail customers.”

There are a total of 17 HD displays spread throughout the store. One of the innovative elements of the system comes during what they call the “Grand Moment”.

During triggered events, which are scheduled to occur randomly around the top of every hour, the digital signage system performs a “Grand Moment” by lowering the ambient light and audio in the entire store and playing synchronized video, audio and special effects lighting.

During a Grand Moment, a single message comprised of 17 HD videos and 5 audio sources (one for each zone) is split and synchronized on 17 displays, with each of the 5 zones playing audio relative to its “part” of the Grand Moment.

Much of the magic behind the “Grand Moment” can be found in the custom HD transcoding, scripting and central Content Manager configuration performed by Hammond Communication Group, the custom programming created by Scala engineers and the third-party triggering device development by Level 5 Media Group.

These items allow the Content Manager to control, not only the Media Players, but also external environmental control devices, which when used together allow for synchronized audio, video and lighting. The visitor experiences an entire store moment unlike any in the retail environment today.

Dean Reverman, Director of Business Development for Hammond Communication Group told us “Digital signage continues to offer retailers unique opportunities for in-store communications and customer experience. Projects like the Sprint Studio confirm the importance of digital signage for retailers today.”

About Level 5 Media Group

Level 5 Media Group is a leader in the field of Digital Content Management and Digital Signage. We specialize in visual communications and display solutions. Level 5 designs and develops total solutions for large-screen visualization in the markets of government agencies, municipalities, financial institutions, education, cable broadcast facilities, entertainment venues, retail locations, casinos, elevators and corporate office buildings.

Level 5 Media Group is a subsidiary of CTI Solutions, together we bring over 28 years of IT and communications experience to the table. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for support, service, design and overall integration of your digital signage network. Let us help you take your message to the Next Level!

About Hammond Communications Group

Hammond Communications Group has evolved into a full-service multimedia communications company, providing film production, video news releases, DVD presentations, 3D computer animation, virtual tours, web site development, interactive sales and marketing presentations, computer-based training applications and CD-ROM development. In order to provide clients with comprehensive visual services, HCG has an interformat on-line digital-editing suite, a non-linear Avid editing suite, a dedicated sound production studio, a fully functional drive-in studio, a full complement of web development platforms, and a 3D-computer animation department.

At Hammond, we believe good communications are vital to the client/vendor partnership. Key personnel are actively involved at each crucial stage – from budget considerations, through concept development, to delivery of the final product ad project maintenance when appropriate.

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