Ayuda Adds Zest To OOH

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

So many press releases flooding in from a wet and windy Miami we don’t know where to start so let’s start off with one of our long term advertisers (seems only fair). Here we see Ayuda Media Systems aiming to “Revolutionize Buying Outdoor OOH with Zest“.

Who's that ironing zest shirts?

Ayuda is releasing, what they say is a ‘revolutionary tool’ enabling outdoor advertising companies to bring their businesses online.

Zest is an off-the-shelf product that roadside OOH companies snap into their websites, automatically importing real time avails and detailed asset information so that buyers can discover, build a proposal, compare, plan, and buy available inventory online.

We are told that a groundbreaking feature of Zest is that it automatically imports Eyes-On audience measurement data from the TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau), while integrating with the media vendor’s existing inventory and charting system – this should provides buyers with the industry’s only outdoor online buying experience that offers both hyper local cherry-picked buys, in addition to allowing local agencies to execute media buys based on audience reach and frequency.

Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Director of Business Development told us “Zest makes it as easy for OOH companies to market their available inventory to existing and potential customers, as it is to shop for anything else online nowadays”.

He added “Zest connects at runtime to import TAB Eyes-On data, while retrieving live avails from the vendor’s inventory and charting system, whether that is Ayuda’s own BMS product or that of a third party. Zest allows the buyer to set campaign goals based on location, budget, or who’s looking at the billboard, and therefore helps both the local business owner easily buy advertising based on, say, local proximity to the business, while also allowing agencies to quickly plan a regional buy based on TRP (target Rating Points) objectives.”

Zest, we understand, is a fully packaged website module that plugs into the outdoor company’s existing site, and imports avails from whatever internal inventory management system is in use. It then presents avails and Eyes-On data in user friendly interactive maps online, in any browser, mobile device, or tablet.

“Zest is also being released as a specially designed app for Apple iOS devices”, Fleischer told us “making it easy for anyone who encounters a roadside billboard on the street to identify that specific board as well as similar inventory, immediately and while in transit, and can send a proposal request to the outdoor vendor’s sales team, or purchase them online on the spot. With Zest, Ayuda has helped bring roadside OOH buying online and into the 21st century.”

2 Responses to “Ayuda Adds Zest To OOH”

  1. Tom G Says:

    Where can I find the Zest product?

  2. Daniel Fleischer Says:

    Tom – since Zest is a product that snaps into your existing corporate website to expose inventory and avails, we set it up for you after having a conversation to understand how you are currently managing your inventory. If you reach out to me I would be happy to personally help you. Daniel@ayudasystems.com

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