C-nario’s “A Year in Review”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Now please don’t laugh but to me this is a bit like a 17 year old football player writing (or more correctly having written for him) his auto-biography. What, at such a young age do you have to say exactly and what entitles you to say it?

Anyway we received a press release from C-nario – a company by the way whose products we admire greatly – with their “2007: A Year in Review”

First they announced, and I quote “2007 has been a year of global impact for the company… ground-breaking installations in the U.S., Europe, and the Far East”

Those ground breaking installations will be McDonald’s Singapore, ManPower and ClubMed in France and the O2 Arena in London, UK then?

Actually they deservedly (and sensibly) make mention separately of their work in the US with JC Decaux (which is GREAT) as follows…

In the U.S., C-nario was hired by JCDecaux, the world’s largest airport advertising company and one of C-nario’s many top-tier customers, to deploy a one-of-a-kind digital signage network to serve as an advertising platform for the new Terminal 9 at J.F.K. International Airport. Powered by Messenger™, C-nario’s digital signage platform, a mile-long network of forty 70-inch LCD screens projects engaging and entertaining video and audio content along the entire length of the moving beltway. Following the J.F.K. installation, JCDecaux and C-nario collaborated again to launch Prestige Digital Network, the first exclusive digital advertising network for top advertisers, at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

What was interesting and I didn’t know this was the scale of some of their investors – $5 Million investment by Carmel Ventures and $3.5 million investment by Opus.

C-nario are keen to do more in Europe and they do have a good product and a good story but I feel that they need to do more than just have employees fly in, meet people and then fly back to Israel again.

It will actually be interesting to see what 2008 really holds in store for them. I know they are keen to further their relationship with JC Decaux (they need an office in Paris then!) and as previously reported here they only narrowly missed out on the CBS Outdoor London Underground software contract (which of course went to Telentice).

C-nario can be seen at ISE Booth No. H119 on 29-31 January 2008 at the RAI Amsterdam

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