Sign and Digital UK 2008

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As several other people in the US state-side have said – there are far too many ‘digital signage’ shows cropping up at the moment.

I went to this ‘Sign and Digital UK’ show earlier this year when it was simply called ‘Sign’.

To my mind, it is really a show for printers, sign makers, sign writers, print machine manufacturers etc but in 2007 it had a digital signage bit bolted on.

I wrote about it then at the time with my (old) Screen Forum hat on. The Digital
Signage Showcase (as I think it was called) was well represented with GOOD stands from Dynamax, Remote Media, 3M, Fairfield Displays, Nexus Media and a few other wannabees (all of the presentations from the event, apart from the ones from Dynamax are still up on the Screen Forum web site here)

My impression of the show was a negative one though and I believe poorly attended. I am not surprised that the show organisers have slightly re-branded the event (adding the “and Digital” text) but I am surprised to see Remote Media continuing their support of the event and taking another stand this year.

It’s being held on the 22nd – 24th April 2008 at the NEC in Birmingham but I can safely say that if you don’t attend you won’t miss anything of importance.

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