Chris Colt Leaves Haivision / CoolSign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

One familiar face who didn’t make his way out to #InfoComm12 this year was CoolSign veteran Chris Colt.

Chris, we understand is leaving the industry altogether but more worryingly for Haivision / CoolSign is that he has left them – he, surely was, their last true ‘CoolSign’ salesman.

Those who dealt with Chris will know that he was honest, trustworthy and never oversold the product. He’d been with CoolSign since 2007, the ‘Planar Days’ so to speak and he’s an asset that will be sorely missed – well he would be if CoolSign was perhaps going anywhere. It’s our understanding that CoolSign hasn’t had an update in something like two years AND those we speak to in the industry say they haven’t seen CoolSign in a competitive pitch for months now.

It’s definitely an ‘ouch’ moment for Haivision, but word on the street is that they brought it on themselves and for those few (and it was only a ‘few’) who took umbrage at our ‘CoolSign Dead And Buriedpost back in September 2011 will now surely see how right we were.

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  1. Big Says:

    Chris will be truely missed at Haivision. He was with CoolSign from the beginning and never over promised the product that always under delivered. I’m sure he will have a big relief off of his shoulders, and hope he does really well on his new ventures! Good Luck Chris!

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