Digital Media Player Compatible @visualplanetltd touchfoil

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

visualplanet revealed this week a new version of its touchfoil designed, we quote “exclusively to satisfy the exploding demand for touch solutions for the world’s Digital Media Player (DMP) powered signage networks”.

The announcement states that this latest touchfoil solution offers customers of Brightsign, dZine and SpinetiX the ability to use touchfoil™ to create an endless array of interactive solutions.

We hope that visualplanet will next take a look at supporting OpenSplash as that would give them a lot more devices in one go AND more importantly would then see CMS support from all those; like Ayuda, ONELAN, signagelive and X2O Media who already support Open Splash.

Mike Cole, Director of visualplanet explained “The inspiration for visualplanet to create a digital media player compatible touchfoil™ arose from the numerous approaches by the leading media player hardware manufacturers with the desire to create interactive solutions using the remarkable flexibility of our product. Until recently this involved complex bespoke touch driver development, however this new release removes this complexity and lets the customer focus on the more important issues of design, ease of use and driving maximum return on their investment.”

The touchfoil requirement is that the device provides a standard HID mouse touch screen driver with calibration capability.

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    OpenSplash already supports this – it plays Flash, and will support standard HID devices which can control that Flash content.

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