i-design In Deal With FDR For joono

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

i-design, the leading developer and supplier of ATM and self-service marketing solutions for the banking industry (enabling banks and ATM owners to run both their own targeted marketing campaigns and third party advertising) announced today that it has signed a major contract with FDR Limited, a branch of First Data Corporation, to provide its marketing software solution, joono.

The joono software enables banks to deliver targeted product marketing to their customers while providing enhanced multi-media capabilities and the potential for third party advertising campaigns using atmAd, i-design’s media sales and campaign operations services. i-design will also be providing a fully managed end-to- end campaign activity service.

Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design, told us “This agreement with First Data, one of the world’s largest providers of payment processing services to financial institutions, marks our third major sale of our new enhanced joono solution since its launch in June last year”.

She added “We see this new sale as validating our belief that our marketing solution provides unrivalled technological and commercial advantages by providing ATM owners throughout the world with the tools to unlock new ways of communicating with customers. Our solution also provides ATM owners with the ability to generate new revenue streams from their self-service estates through third party advertising”.

i-design’s total licensed ATM and self-service estate including this agreement will increase from 21,500 devices at 30 September 2011 to circa 28,000 devices.

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