Anche in Italia lo chiamiamo ‘Digital Signage’

Giuseppe Andrianò

DailyDOOH Paris correspondent Russ Curry wrote “L’affichage dynamique est mort – vive le Digital Media” back in September 2010 to reflect the (then, proposed) name change of French digital signage association APCAD but the preferred French term for ‘digital signage’ is still L’affichage dynamiquethe French association is now called Digital Media Association France (DMAF), Ed.

I was asked last week what Italians call ‘digital signage’ and I had to politely point out, that as a nation we like to use technical English terms – the Italian’s are not the same as the French!

So, let me re-iterate, per favore non chiamatela ‘Segnaletica Digitale’, err I mean please don’t translate the term ‘digital signage’ for the Italian market.

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