IAB Canada’s Industry Glossary

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

If you’re new to the industry this is definitely for you – and even if you’ve been around awhile, we expect that there are times when some terminology leaves you searching.

This glossary compiled by IAB Canada can help. Check out definitions of terms you’re unsure of. While compiled with the web in mind, many of the terms are used on the DOOH sector as well.

If you’re a Web expert or afficionado, IAB Canada also encourages you to contact the organization with new entries or updates to these existing definitions, and it will revise them.

To explore the Glossary, simply click on any one of the letters here.

As a supplement to its standard Glossary of Terms, IAB Canada has also compiled specific terms and definitions based on the following aspects of the Digital Media space: Social Media Glossary, RTB Glossary

You can access the new glossary here.

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