Wayfinding Takes A New Direction

Maddie Cotterill

The Digital Signage Federation concludes its Summer 2012 webinar programming on August 22nd with a webinar presented by Doug Bannister, CEO and Director of Software Development of Omnivex Corp., entitled ‘Wayfinding Takes a New Direction‘.

The webinar sounds particularly interesting and will focus on how changes in facilities from static signs to digital signs have presented an opportunity for facilities to incorporate unique information beyond just the use of maps and schedules in these signs.

Webcast participants can expect to learn:

  • Digital way-finding trends and capabilities
  • How to link multi-floor and multi-region maps
  • Different methods of interactive way-finding
  • The impact of ‘smart systems’ on the functionality/management of way-finding networks

To register for this event, or any of the DSF’s Summer Webinar Series, go to
www.digitalsigangefederation.org, or click here

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