Why PRN Rebranded as IZON Media

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Ahmad Ouri, president and CEO of IZON Media, gave the reasons behind the company’s recent rebranding – a move that many in the industry questioned, considering the strength and awareness of the Premier Retail Networks (PRN) brand – at the Digital Signage Investor Conference in New York last Wednesday.

Gail Chiasson chats with Ahmad Ouri

“Keeping eyes-on (ie IZ•ON) the advertiser’s brand is what we do,” said Ouri. “Premier Retail doesn’t work any more. We are beyond just working with retail. Even the word Network doesn’t work any more. It is limited in today’s new media world.

“And PRN is an old brand. We wanted to show a younger, hipper company.

Ouri laid out his plans for the vision and culture of the company – Ouri will be featured in our next CEO Spotlight which is up this Friday, Ed., and they include expanding and diversifying the client base; accelerating the innovation culture; building partnerships; and focusing on being a media company.

The plan for innovation has already taken hold, with employees at all levels asked for innovative ideas and a prize given every quarter to the best that might be incorporated across the company.

And while historically, the company has built everything in-house, it is now looking to also using off-the-shelf new technology, as applicable to its needs. It is also beginning to leverage partnerships.

“We think its important to lean towards digital without forsaking our TV/video roots,” said Ouri. “We realize that you must be interesting to young media buyers with better measurement, better targeting, and better activation and personalization.”

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