Aldeasa Stores, Palma De Mallorca Airport, Spain

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As part of a proposed global rollout we see that Aldeasa Stores in Palma de Mallorca airport, Spain, has deployed a multichannel, multi-screen Scala based network

Javier Menendez, AS Video’s CEO who deployed the network told us “Aldeasa’s marketing team was looking for a way in which to animate existing in-store offers and provide a suitable platform for suppliers to promote products and services in addition to existing POP and subsequently decided to use digital signage to accomplish that goal,”

A total of 16 screens are distributed in key areas of the store to ensure customers have a high opportunity to see all screens and all messages at every point throughout their visit to Aldeasa.

The store is split into two key zones, specifically nine screens located in the high footfall, duty free zone containing the perfume, tobacco and drinks categories with the remaining six screens located across the store at key points to ensure visibility and impact. A further rear large projection screen located near the front of the store displays high impact messages into the airport concourse to attract customers.

As airport customers differ to those in other retail environments insofar as they are often time pressured (e.g. they have a plane to catch), Aldeasa’s digital signage system needed to ensure that customers would receive information quickly, clearly and relevant to the area of the store they were shopping in at that time.

Four zones were therefore created in the store as a result of research into customer buying habits and their movements within the store from which seven channels of content were also produced to reflect each core product category, these being screens placed in the Duty Free category including perfume, tobacco and drinks (zone 1) and screens placed in the general merchandise category or ‘rest of store’ (zone 2).

A customer ‘info-point’ at the cashier’s desk was created whereby a screen showed the same content in general merchandise in a sub-window within the screen which in turn provided a new area for a ‘ticker’ for staff members to upload their own messages (zone 3). The 4th zone is a premium storefront channel of one large rear projection unit located within Aldeasa’s front window displaying only one supplier’s content/advertisement for the duration of a promotional period.

An understanding of customer dwell time by category and total time in-store determined the creation of the total length of each channel. Currently, the Duty Free zone’s total channel length is three minutes whilst the ‘rest of store’ zone is longer at five minutes to reflect different customer dwell times and browsing habits.

In order to ensure this multichannel, multi-screen network is easy to update, the Aldeasa network is managed via a network operations center in Madrid with all content requirements (acquisition of Aldeasa promotional content and supplier content, design, scheduling, broadcast and playout) managed remotely by AS Video.

In terms of customer engagement, evidence so far suggests that Aldeasa’s Digital Signage Network has had a positive impact on the customer experience and it is expected that in time additional formal research will be carried out to measure such impact.

The second of Aldeasa’s key objectives was to develop incremental revenues from suppliers promoting their products on the Aldeasa Digital Signage Network. To date, this has proved a highly successful strategy with the following brands buying airtime on the channel: Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Biotherm, YSL, Bacardi, Absolut, BossPure, Clarins, Carolina Herrera, Hugo Boss and Anais Anais, Dewards and Smirnoff.

Oscar Elizaga, VP, Scala EMEA told us “Due to the sophisticated capabilities designed into the network to reflect the customer journey and in creating content to match customer needs, Aldeasa has proved popular with its suppliers, commercial partners and staff and we are delighted to be the engine that sits behind this successful initiative and look forward to contributing to further expansion,”

We are told that AS Video and Scala are to continue this positive relationship with Aldeasa as it expands its network to include stores in Barcelona and Madrid in advance of a global rollout.

About AS Video

AS Video was founded in 1989 as a video production company offering creation and editing services to the business sector.

Initially, the principal activity of AS Video was the creation and production of video material for pharmacological companies and hospitals. In 2003, AS Video create a new division dedicated to the creation of content for the emerging digital signage market, specifically regarding interactive applications given that in the companies view, interactivity is the reason for future customer engagement once the broadcast media element has been fully understood and by customers.

In 2004, AS Video choose Scala as its preferred digital signage creation and management application as it provided a comprehensive suite of features and benefits required by AS Video to fulfill its content creation requirements. Subsequently, AS Video has become a leading reference partner to Scala in content creation and script designing in Spain.

High profile clients include Warner Bros theme Park, Madrid Polithecnic University, Valencia Subway, Carrefour TV, Banesto Bank, Telefonica Product, Bonalba Golf TV, Aldeasa, SESCAM (Health Care service of Castilla la mancha) and INFINITI. More information available at

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