HealthSpot Station Will Debut At #CES

JP Biamby

In the AV industry, according to InfoComm, healthcare is the fastest growing customer segment with $959 million spent in 2009 to a projected growth of $2.6 billion in 2015.

As one of the major disrupters shaking up an industry desperate for new solutions, HealthSpot is truly changing the face of medicine.

Healthspot has developed a a system for providing patients with virtual doctor’s appointments with their HealthSpot Station.

The HealthSpot Station, a private, walk-in kiosk that enables patients to have real-time access to board-certified doctors via high-definition videoconferencing and interactive, digital diagnostic tools.

The HealthSpot Station is a market leading solution for providing high-quality, interactive healthcare as an alternative for in in-office visit, preventative care, urgent care, and even emergency rooms while still maintaining doctor patient communication at convenient locations nationwide.

A study, conducted by research firm, Penn Schoen Berland on behalf of Intel, interviewed 75 C-level executives at hospitals, home health organizations, and insurance companies. Among the findings, 89% of healthcare decision makers believe telehealth will transform healthcare in the next 10 years.

“Our mission at HealthSpot is to work with top healthcare providers to extend affordable, timely and convenient access to healthcare within every community across America,” said Healthspot’s C.E.O. Steve Cashman

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, healthcare spending has tripled as a share of the GDP since 1960; 2010 saw expenditures of $2.6 trillion, and spending continues to grow faster than the economy.

HealthSpot is poised to redefine the future of healthcare for clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmacies; patients will be able to visit the closest HealthSpot Station to obtain a high quality and convenient visit with a board-certified doctor, even if they are uninsured.

Targeted locations include retail sites such as grocery stores; hospital systems such as urgent care facilities, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, specialist offices and large businesses where employees could walk down the hall and see a doctor in 20 minutes instead of taking half a day off work; rural areas to increase access for patients who have to drive long distances for follow-up care; as well as military, college campuses, nursing homes, and remote villages in developing countries; and more.

Cashman concluded, “Our goal at HealthSpot is to extend the doctor’s reach of hand as patients enjoy the reach of care.”

HealthSpot, a pioneer in patient and provider driven healthcare technology, has developed a cutting-edge telehealth system that provides high-quality medical diagnostics to patients anytime, anywhere with their Healthspot Station.

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