You decide? 150″ Plasma or a 108″ LCD

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I much prefer LCD over PDP but I am sure, along with everyone else, was amazed / gobsmacked / startled / etc over the enormous 150″ Plasma unveiled by Panasonic at the Consumer Electronics Show. This Plasma screen has deservedly got a lot of press, and by alll accounts is the talk of the show – I enjoyed this write up on tech yahoo the best.

I don’t believe there are any plans to show this 150″ monster in Europe soon, so if you want to see a big screen (and are a fan of LCD like myself) then I can tell you that Sharp will be demonstrating their 108″ LCD display in Amsterdam at ISE later this month.

Sharp will also be present at Screen Expo Europe with one of their partners 10Squared Ltd. on Stand Number: D41

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