Ronin Ordered Out Of Meijer Stores

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We believe that Wireless Ronin has been told to de-install and remove all of its networking equipment at Meijer stores (previously known as the NewSight Network) – this was probably the only remaining asset of ANY VALUE in the Wireless Ronin portfolio.

Ronin of course will now no longer be able to sell anything to a new advertising company stepping into NewSight’s shoes so it seems like one more nail in their financial coffin.

The upside is that anybody wanting low cost, used LCDs and wireless media players may be able to start finding some great deals on ebay!

In another display of Ronin’s continued business brilliance, late last week it announced ‘RoninCast for Automotive‘ an alliance with two other vendors targeting automative dealers.

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