Coca-Cola’s New Water On SubTV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s good to see Coca-Cola advertising their new vitamin enriched water in our industry sector.

The product, called ‘Glaceau revive’, provided 4 hours worth of branded content to the SubTV network of screens in Student Unions across the UK.

SubTV recently merged of course with GymScreen Media creating a new umbrella organisation called Media 42 Ltd.

Almost 500 screens will be showing classic student friendly films and TV shows including Anchorman, The Goonies, Home & Away and Neighbours – perfect content to surround Coca-Cola’s ‘non-operating brain revival’ ads.

Peter Miles, CEO Media 42 Ltd told us exclusively “This is a really exciting use of the screen network and shows a refreshing approach to the branding of great content. Providing entertainment and a useful message is a classic way of effecting a real connection”

We liked (seriously) his use of the word ‘refreshing’ 😉 very clever!

Anyway, the strand will run every Thursday from 11am with Vitamin Water branding constantly visible on-screen alongside the programming, together with 40 second full screen ads.

The campaign was put together by Posterscope.

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