Are Spinning LEDs Dead?

Chris Sheldrake

As we ‘twittered‘ yesterday afternoon; yes, a lot of the good gossip goes up on Twitter first, Ed – LiteLogic have removed all references to their Revolution 360 ‘spinning LED’ product from their web site.

We don’t quite understand this and haven’t got a good answer from them or their CEO as to why just yet.

4 Responses to “Are Spinning LEDs Dead?”

  1. Abogado Says:

    Possibly because Siemens, and Dynascan together own the worldwide patents on spinning LED screens. Siemens have the EU patent and Dynascan have the USA and ROW patent, and they have a heads of agreement not to sue each other. But maybe that doesnt extend to other companies 🙂
    Just a thought.

  2. Spinney Says:

    In November 2007 Dynascan claimed patent infringement against Litelogic in California for its Revolution 360 product.
    In May 2008, Litelogic countered and demanded a jury trial claiming no infringement.
    Maybe they lost.

  3. Gingerbread Man Says:

    Looks like they’ve gone Tango Uniform – their website has been off-air for days now.

  4. Gingerbread Man Says:

    Well, they’re back online, but looks like they’ve lost their Irish and US offices.
    No product details either, neither hardware or software.
    (and their world domination map needs a serious update)
    Worrisome that a company so dependent upon the Internet should be off the air for so long.

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