Neo Advertising Expands Into Waiting Rooms

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Neo Advertising has just signed an extensive marketing agreement with Medscreen for the latter’s Austrian network in around 1,000 medical practices.

Medscreen Infotainment GmbH was only founded in Vienna in 2006 but already, two and a half years later, the network boasts some 1,000 sites. This easily makes Medscreen the Austrian market leader in the health sector, both with respect to technology and reach

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO of Neo Media Group told us “We are delighted that with Medscreen, we have gained a high-caliber partner in the health sector for our marketing efforts, as this sector is undoubtedly one with a brilliant future. Thanks to the existing network, we are in a position to make the absolute most of the synergistic potential.”

Neo of course will be able to add Medscreen’s waiting room televisions to its existing network, which already includes 100,000 POS/POI screens and it also allows Medscreen to tap into new marketing opportunities as well.

Gergely Teglasy, CEO of Medscreen told us “With Neo, we have gained an experienced marketing expert that will extend the potential of our waiting room television viewing to international advertising clients. Digital screen media are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. We are convinced that the course adopted by Neo Advertising – international marketing of large digital out-of-home networks – is the right one for the future. This makes Neo the ideal complement to our national marketing strategy.”

This is the first time that Neo has ventured into the Austrian market.

About Medscreen

Medscreen is an Austrian company that specializes in providing information and entertainment programs specially designed for viewing on televisions in health care institution waiting areas (doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics, and hospitals), including the necessary technical infrastructure. Infotainment programs presented on flat screens help patients pass the time in the waiting room, providing doctors with an efficient option for presenting their services and advertising clients with communications that are aimed specifically at their target audiences. Every day, Medscreen’s independent editorial team creates a topical 60-minute program, which is then transmitted via internet to the medical practices. Medscreen, founded in Vienna at the beginning of 2006, has over 60 employees and is a majority-owned subsidiary of the international investment and management group Andlinger & Company, Inc.

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