#dse2013 A Well Organized Success

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

As the last day of #dse2013 was drawing to a close, I passed an unknown-to-me gentleman at a booth saying to an acquaintance, “I’ve never been to such a well-organized trade show.”

Of course, this was #dse2013‘s 10th year, so the organizers have had lots of practice. Nevertheless, it seemed that booths were busy right up to closing time, and there wasn’t one exhibitor I spoke to that seemed anything but enthusiastic about the response that they’d had.

While we won’t have the final tally of how many people attended until next week, we do know that floor space for next year’s show – which is moving its venue to the Sands Convention Center – is already 77% sold out. That alone speaks volumes about its success.

We’re not saying that things are perfect. While education is always an important part of DSE, we’re convinced that 129 conferences and workshops (as we counted them) was way too many.

Nevertheless, we feel that the team from Exponation LLC which produces the annual event did a great job and we’ll be surprised if this year’s attendance doesn’t top that of 2012 by a large margin.

And the DailyDOOH team came away with lots of news to write about, so you’ll be still reading about #dse2013 for the next week or so.

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