The 10 ‘Most Wanted’ outdoor advertising sites in the UK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In the Prime Site section of the UK Guardian newspaper, Monday June 25th 2007, there was an article entitled “These posters show Britain’s most wanted”

In a nice pointer for the UK industry, out of the “10 Most Wanted”, 3 of them were digital!

Jennifer Whitehead, from the Guardian wrote:-

They are huge, icons in their own right, can’t be missed by anyone nearby — so they offer what advertisers most want. Here are the country’s top 10 outdoor sites…

  • BFI Imax, Waterloo, London
  • The Torch, M4
  • Fort Dunlop, Birmingham
  • George Square, Glasgow (Ocean Outdoor)
  • Victoria Station, London (Transvision)
  • Chester Road, Manchester
  • Haymarket, Edinburgh
  • Cromwell Road, London
  • Gateway Tower, Piccadilly Station, Manchester (City Gateway Media)
  • Concorde/Emirates Roundabout

The one’s in bold typeface are the Digital ones, with the name of the operator placed next to it. All three of these are now in the July DOOHAN (Ocean Outdoor being the new entry to the directory).

I particularly like Manchester’s largest LED screen, which is run by City Gateway Media Ltd in the Piccadilly area.

I think the great thing about the City Gateway offering is that folks can advertise their business from as little as £300 per day to an average daily audience in excess of 207,000 people.



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