Engaging Canadian Shoppers with OOH Ads

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Traditional media still has the largest influence on shoppers with TV (85%), Out-of-Home (79%) and Direct Mail (77%) among the top three, according to a 2013 Canadian shopper survey conducted by BrandSpark International.

According to the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada, the survey, using a sample size of more than 100,000 household shoppers, gives an overview on key media influences and shopper attitudes on such trends as value, convenience, health and innovation, as well as insights on how to leverage this information to help marketers reach and engage shoppers to drive sales.

When shopping with a list, 65% of shoppers do not specify any brands, and 71% of shoppers walk all the aisles in the grocery store to ensure they get everything they need. The research noted that 68% of shoppers had seen an OOH ad in the past week, indicating that OOH media provides marketers with the unique opportunity to intercept shoppers moments before they ma

The research found that 47% of household shoppers own a smartphone and uncovered a strong correlation between shoppers who own mobile devices and high levels of activity outside the home such as mall shopping, dining out, going to a bar or nightclub or exercising at a health club. Shoppers also showed interest in using their mobile device as a shopping tool for things like downloading mobile coupons (44%), storing shopping lists (39%), participating in contests (29%) or making instant purchases (22%).

The results provide marketers with insights into the strategy and messaging they could be integrating into their out-of-home campaigns.

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