Interactive Whiteboard Market Shows No Sign Of Recession

Chris Sheldrake

A new market report from Futuresource Consulting shows that close to 600,000 Interactive Whiteboards were sold worldwide last year, generating nearly US 1 billion of revenue.

Colin Messenger, Senior Consultant, Futuresource told us “Across the globe, the Interactive Whiteboard phenomenon is really taking hold. Driven by continued technological developments, our projections show that one in six classrooms will be hooked up with an Interactive Whiteboard by 2012″

He continued “It’s remarkable to see how this technology allows teachers to connect with students in much greater depth, bringing the outside world into the classroom and transforming lessons into exciting world experiences. You’ve got to see the technology in action to fully appreciate the impact it has on the learning process.”

In the 66 countries covered within the report, Messenger calculates there are over 31 million classrooms: a huge market potential for companies operating within this sector.

A whistle-stop tour of activity in 2008 showed that the USA had a hugely successful year, with sales volumes surpassing 250,000 units, up 65% on volume and over 100% in value.

In the UK, demand is still strong and will continue to be sustained, with a swell of activity awaiting in EMEA. Looking to Australia, Q4 2008 proved to be its largest success to date.

“Adoption of the technology into classrooms can be fast-tracked, often driven by a craving from governments to kick-start their education system or leave a lasting legacy,” says Messenger. “In contrast it can also be a step process, taking perhaps five years, starting with PC installations, followed by projectors, and culminating in interactive whiteboards. Looking to the future, voting systems and visualisers will be the next logical move towards completely interactive and collaborative classrooms”.

About Futuresource Consulting

Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company, formed in June 2008 through a merger between Understanding & Solutions and Decision Tree Consulting. With more than 30 years’ heritage, Futuresource provides its clients with expertise in consumer electronics, digital imaging, entertainment media, broadcast, optical manufacturing, storage media and IT.

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