Pot Accuses Kettle of Being Black

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In breaking news industry pot John Ryan has accused the Kettle of being black.

John Ryan Say Its NOT Possible

JohnRyan customer (no doubt) commenting on JohnRyan

In a bizarre so-called industry brief hardly-global retail-marketing agency JohnRyan says that banks are struggling to achieve digital signage success due to limitations imposed by inadequate Content Management Systems. Yes I know, hard to believe huh?

It’s probably more correct to re-phrase that to say that banks are struggling to achieve digital signage success due to inadequate agencies rather than blaming the tools.

John Ryan quote their own survey (indeed, go figure) where they say that “nearly 40% of 110 digital signage users rated CMS limitations as a key challenge”.

The survey is incredibly difficult to take seriously, it goes onto say that “the choice of an ineffective CMS may limit available content distribution systems, the choice of in-branch player devices and even the types of content that can be supported”.

Considering that JohnRyan have been sitting on not one, but two ineffective content management systems for nearly a decade it really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

3 Responses to “Pot Accuses Kettle of Being Black”

  1. Nurlan Urazbaev Says:

    Although the copy of the brief is somewhat confusing, it doesn’t look like JohnRyan is criticizing their own software. It looks more like a thinly veiled sales pitch for the banks using other software to switch to JohnRyan’s services. The research is definitely self-serving, which undermines its credibility.

  2. James Woolsey Says:

    I think it’s grossly irresponsible to say John Ryan CMS services are ineffective, as they have serious industry street credit.

    Rather then ostracize an industry pioneer, why not use your investigative reporting skills to drill down to the meet of the study, or am I being obtuse?

    Really tired of yellow journalism…

  3. Davey Boy Smith Says:

    James, not sure the John Ryan alumni group would agree with your assessment, and I would not confuse the lack of savvy of banking industry buyers with credibility on JR’s part. If you are tired of knowledge-based opinions that you call yellow journalism, I am sure you have a mouse. The left button will help you click away to a more suitable site.

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