Video Walls Unplugged (Brochure & Goodie Bag)

Andrew Neale

As usual with our events, we up the game with a high quality brochure, allowing the audience to learn about our speakers at their own pace (and at the same time, giving the speakers themselves more time to impart knowledge in their 30 minute presentation slot, rather than waste time describing who they are).

We also have space for advertisers, we can thank one of them here, Planar Systems below, opposite my speaker profile page…

TLS VWU DSE Feb 2014 470

I also have to say that there’s a very satisfying orange glow from the AOpen USB memory sticks when inserted into a device…

AOpen USB Stick

AOpen have kindly supplied enough for each attendee at our Video Walls Unplugged event taking place on Tuesday February 11, 2014 at #dse2014.

Regular readers will know how much Adrian likes his ‘Goodie Bags’, so attendees need to look out for this USB stick, some Matrox and Planar Systems brochures, as well as a Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE external multi-display adapter as a ‘door prize’ giveaway – that I think means, pull business card from hat for one lucky winner, Ed.

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