Think Long Queues In Spanish Sun

Chris Sheldrake

In Spain Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (ITV) is very similar to the UK’s MOT, basically a vehicle / automobile check carried out in a test center that has a concession from the regional government.


Here we see Altabox having deployed a communication channel in the inspection stations for ITV.

The channel’s main purpose is to entertain and inform the public about their automotive news, the inspection process and the benefits they get with the service offered by ITV.

Francisco J. Rodriguez, manager of ITVASA told us “Since we started with this program, we notice that it is easier to communicate with users and they appreciate the fact of knowing all the steps of our intervention in their vehicles”

He added “As a way of training for our clients, Digital Signage helps us to provide advice on road safety and environment. With no doubt the channel helps to improve our image”.

The project which started in the ITVASA stations in Asturias will likely spread to other regions in 2009, thanks to a tie up with AECA-ITV, the Spanish association of ITV administration partners.

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  1. Chris Heap Says:

    This is similar in principle to the Checkhov Auto Network in Moscow, where they’ve deployed a two channel, eight screen network: summary and link to the PR below:

    1. The Showroom Channel provides key brand and product information to customers in the showroom, adjacent to the cars, to help them refine buying decisions. Chekhov uses the animated environment to help customers understand the benefits of different types of vehicles (e.g. urban, 4×4 or station wagon) and to promote what the car is best designed to do.

    2. The Service Channel provides a wide range of Chekhov Auto content to customers while they wait in the service area.

    They also developed a “live update service”. On a screen in the waiting room, the service displays estimated waiting times and notifies customers when their vehicle is ready to be collected.

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