Panasonic’s NMstage at Screen Expo Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On the whole we have never been that impressed with digital signage software that has come out of screen manufacturer’s labs. TELentice, spun out of Fujitsu is one exception and Coolsign acquired by Clarity and then acquired by Planar is another.

Panasonic’s NMstage offering is a weird one. They historically have a number of good installations in Europe but trying to get in front of them (even when one had a firm project) was very difficult and their sales and technical people really let them down (we think just at the time when they could have REALLY done well and started to make a name for themselves).

Anyway, their PR folks tell us that Panasonic “now have the resources to properly market our digital signage offerings and will be exhibiting at Screen Expo”.

They will be launching the latest version of thier NMstage software, version 3.0 as well as a new product called NMstage Lite (allegedly a simplified version for stand alone applications).

Not even we could get early access to a Press Releases but we are assured that Press Releases will be available at the show.

Panasonic will be on Stand: P67 and even have a product specialist who is coming over especially from Japan to provide folks with in-depth information about what they offer to the market and about their future plans. Only because they have been so elusive before will we be making a special effort and giving them one last chance to meet with us.

It’s a shame that Panasonic’s large scale LED display, Astrovision is not at the show – yes it is big but this is the sort of show where you would expect to see it (Astrovision is currently installed in New York’s Time Square, Universal Studios in Orlando and the Vatican’s St Peter’s Square).

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