Bloodbath at IZ-ON Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier in the week we heard a rumour that Paul Jankauskas had reportedly been fired from IZ-ON Media but since posting that original story we’ve had anonymous communication from many (including the comments to this post) saying that the New York sales office was closed (completely) and approximately 20 employees in total were let go.

Paul Jankauskas joined IZ-ON Media In October 2012, as senior vice president of Media Sales. His LinkedIn profile listed him as Chief Revenue Officer, SVP at IZON Media, a Technicolor company (formerly PRN).

Prior to joining IZ-ON Media, he headed media sales and strategy at Digital Display Networks (DDN) where he oversaw the so-called 7-Eleven TV network. Jankauskas has also held executive sales management roles at digital out-of-home companies American Health Media Network and Captivate Network.

Interestingly, Chuck Billups returned to IZON Media as Vice President Retail Account Strategy in February of this year.

3 Responses to “Bloodbath at IZ-ON Media”

  1. AhmadTheRobot Says:

    Yes he was let go from the company on 4/29.

  2. insider Says:

    About 20 people in total were laid off. The NY sales office was closed, and numerous departments were downsized.

  3. Getreal Says:

    Everyone stop drinking the kool aid. DOOH business isn’t thriving. It barley has a pulse. Anyone see the RMGN earnings. Start printing the truth and not propaganda.

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