Why (The BBC) Love Digital Outdoor

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

One of our two big name brands that will discuss ‘Why We (They) Love Digital Outdoor’ at The DailyDOOH Media Summit is Chris Mawdsley, Head of Media Strategy at the BBC.

Chris MawdsleyChris has been with the UK Broadcaster, the BBC for almost three years now, based up in Salford.

Before that he was an Associate Director at Carat Manchester for four years and has also worked for Universal, Feather Brooksbank and Mediavest so is incredibly well versed in the media world and of course a highly credible speaker.

The BBC make a lot of use of digital outdoor, mainly booking London Underground (i.e Exterion Media) via Kinetic – we have seen them make extensive use of DEPS, LCDS, Cross Track as well as LD6s in London) but we’ve also seen digital usage in Birmingham with Signature Outdoor and in Liverpool with Ocean Outdoor.

The BBC probably don’t spend millions in our industry but they certainly know how to use it.

  • One of their latest ‘campaigns’ was in fact, two campaigns; iPlayer and Eastenders bought across a 16 day period – the first seven days were dedicated to iPlayer and the last 11 days to Eastenders – changing the messaging across the period.
  • To help promote the BBC Asian network they have also bought weekend LCDS in appropriate stations – all done in conjunction with a London Asian festival. A great example of reaching the right audience at the right time.
  • A National Transvision campaign was also booked for Doctor Who, allowing live tweets for the 50th episode.
  • In Birmingham they have also used Mall D6s at weekends and commuter for roadside to promote the BBC 2 gangster family epic Peaky Blinders, yes you guessed it, set in 1919 Birmingham!

There are now only a handful of tickets available for this must attend event.

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