TruMedia’s Invitation Only PROM Date

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TruMedia are holding an invitation only PROACTIVE MARKETING event on Monday 6th April (conveniently in the UK and the day before Screen Media Expo Europe so lots of folks should be in town) – if you haven’t been invited it’s probably too late (like us you may be ‘disavowed’) but we make mention because they have gathered an impressive set of speakers.

The event held with Samsung and making use of the facilities at their (Samsung) head office is called a Proactive Marketing (PROM) Kick-Off aimed at teaching the audience about how to implement and take advantage of TruMedia’s targeted advertising solution.

Whilst we have huge reservations about PROM (related to both the technology and the way the media would get used) if you have been invited to this event it is worthwhile going just to listen to the likes of Euro RSCG, TNS and OVAB Europe

The agenda so far looks like…

  • PROactive Marketing (PROM)
    What is it and why do you need it?
    Speaker: TruMedia
  • The Value of Targeted Advertising
    Speaker: EURO RSCG
    PROM Applications & Integration
  • Measurement dashboard and “Always Coke”
    Speaker: C-nario
    PROM Hardware Program & Vending Applications
  • Samsung live PROM demonstration, HW program, pricing and availability as
    well as an intro to Single Viewer PROM and vending applications
    Speaker: Samsung
  • Lunch Break
  • Measurement by PROM
    Extracting measurement data with PROM and add on measurement services
    Speaker: TNS
  • OVAB Audience Metrics Guidelines
    Understanding OVAB’s recommended AUA (Average Unit Audience) metric and
    reaction to the guidelines by agencies
    Speaker: OVAB Europe
  • PROM Efficiency Test
    Speaker: TruMedia
    PROM Consortium & Future Activities
  • Open discussion

The event mind you might turn into one of those awful timeshare presentations – there’s no altruistic reason for TruMedia to have you there. TruMedia do themselves no favours when it comes to pricing and negotiation with software vendors – it seems to us that if they speak to you they will try and charge anywhere between USD 20 – 30K to do PROM integration whereas if you approach them they try to charge USD 50K (though usually knocking that down to 10K when you play hard ball and they get desperate).

So our advice to you is listen carefully, leave your walllets and purses at home and don’t sign anything before you leave 😉

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  1. Mike MacMillan Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    We have integrated the same features for a lot lot less than that. In addition as you know I am not convinced unless the audience is static (we move at 1.2 . 1.5 metres a second) a digital message of no less than 5 seconds can be changed in time to communicate to somebody detected accurately at a maximum range of 6 metres – they have already passed the sign!!!! We did it with rotating static messages with a little motion and it was ok, but with a full motion ad we fell it wont work in anger in a retail or OOH environment. Not at their range of 6 metres anyway.

    They are really expensive too!

    Regards Mike

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