The DailyDOOH Best of 2014 (Imprimatur)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It has been a tradition for the last six years† that we always post our look back on some of the best that the year had to offer sometime between Christmas and the New Year – that will be the same this year BUT as volume 3 of our latest book DOOH INSIGHTS: 2014 | The Best of 2014 (And Another Year of Executive Thought) has seen an unprecedented circulation (thanks in part to Brightmove Media, BroadSign, GPM360 and Ocean Outdoor) we figured the cat was already out of the bag with who / what we think has been the highlights of the year that we may as well list them here online…

This list, in no particular order, was compiled along with all of our contributors and like all ‘best of’ rankings, it is in no way scientific.

  • British Airways Magic of Flying
  • Motion@Waterloo
  • Art Everywhere
  • The DailyDOOH Media Summit
  • L’Oréal MicroTiles Install, Paris
  • Argos Install
  • François de Gaspé Beaubien Rebuilds the World’s Largest Fitness Network
  • Bloomberg Hub, London City Airport
  • Exterion Media Hires Shaun Gregory
  • RMG Networks Executive Briefing Centre

You will still have to get a copy of the book (which you can do next at all of the events during New York Digital Signage Week) to read the entries in more detail.

† See The DailyDOOH Best Of 2013 here

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