HandyAV Launches SaaS

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Treat this as an April Fool’s joke if you wish but Handy AV Limited has announced the launch of DigiScreen UK, proudly billed as ‘their Software as a Service solution company’ – the last few Christian Dior implementations these guys have done have all used a Denon DVD player for goodness sake!

HandyAV have traditionally resold Dynamax or ONELAN solutions but Donna Shaw and David Dalziel respectively from those companies that they are most definitely not involved in this new venture.

Generally thought what the hell any white van / satellite repair / AV man knows about the intricacies of SaaS is beyond us .

The “we do SaaS” story is wearing a bit thin at the moment and those folks that offer SaaS properly – as per our article of a few weeks ago ‘SaaS Digital Signage For £0.62p Per Day‘ need to be careful that the SaaS tag isn’t ruined by those who don’t understand it and don’t have any skills or infrastructure to support it.

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  1. Aubrey Wright Says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more about the “White Van” scenario, however Handy AV is a specialist AV/IT solutions provider offering “Digital Experience” and “Digital Signage”, with core data networking skills.

    We invite you and your readers to come along to Stand B35 and learn first hand about DigiScreen, its operation and existing 1,000 user base. We know you will be pleasently surprised at what you will learn !

    Its better to be informed than not at all !

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