Digital Signage Consumes 7.5% Less Carbon Than Posters

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The results from an extensive study into the carbon emissions of digital signage compared with those of traditional signage was released Tuesday and show that the carbon consumption of a projected display is 7.5 per cent lower than a traditional poster package.

Dr Joyce Tsoi, Research Fellow at Brunel, told us “Surprisingly little sustainability research exists that can inform business opinion about carbon performance issues, and we were pleased to be involved in what we believe will be a significant step forward in encouraging environmental debate in the point-of-sale advertising business.”

The estate of 150 High Street stores hypothesised for the study showed a carbon saving over three years of 29.74 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) following the change to a digital window display solution. This is equivalent to the total energy consumption of a typical UK household for more than five years.

The independent study was commissioned by MediaZest and carried out by leading consumer research company ROI Team and Brunel University. It takes into account the emissions ‘from warehouse to warehouse’ and compares all aspects of both types of installation, performance, maintenance and decommission; assessing consumption on electricity, diesel, paper and ink.

Andy Hawkins, Sales and Marketing Director of MediaZest, commented: “We believe it is both a business and moral imperative for all companies to analyse their practices and make any contribution possible towards the environment. We are obviously delighted by the results, as we took a risk in its commissioning before knowing what we would see. Our gut feel has always been that our clients can not only enjoy the business, branding and aesthetic benefits of digital displays but that it was more environmentally friendly, and that seems to have been proven.“

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  1. Scott Benda Says:

    I just was sent a link to this article by a friend and find it very interesting and helpful. A question about your study was if the data included the disposal of the digital sign system including media player and screen after an average life of 3 years? You mentioned decommissioning but I wish to confirm you mean disposal/recycle, not just taking it down. Also how many printed advertisements were assumed in the conventional option?
    We are also in the Digital Signage business and this can be very helpful.
    Thank you very much!
    Scott Benda
    Zone Systems

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