Sony Ziris-Canvas Video Wall

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

sony-ziris-canvasThere is MUCH better screen technology than this coming later this year so don’t go out and buy one of these.

Nevertheless this clever grouping of screens from Sony impressed and interested a lot of people at Screen Media Expo Europe.

Sony’s video wall was in a nine screen ‘football’ type concave arrangement. The screens were running content powered by Sony’s Ziris Canvas digital signage software BUT the thick bezels got in the way to our thinking, it looked like every screen was powered by its own PS3 and the content wasn’t particularly compelling but as we said, it generated a lot of interest.

4 Responses to “Sony Ziris-Canvas Video Wall”

  1. Jeff VanDien Says:

    Technology has changed again, don’t buy another LCD 70″ or larger… I have exciting news regarding the latest patented “embedded optics” technology that will allow any content to play even in windows with sunlight. The “cutting edge” patent is an 1/8″ thick acrylic screens in any size 70″ to 160″ diagonal, that dwarf LCD and at a fraction of the cost! PrimeTYME replaces needs for LCD 70″ and larger, simple install vs LCD, screens virtually last forever

    PrimeTYME success includes; On-Star, Sun Micro, ABC, GM, Nextel. Check out samples at:

    – The sleek, ultra-modern, low-profile 1/8″ thin acrylic screens go almost unnoticed, brilliant HD imagery, and content is limited only by your creativity. Captivating colors, interactive dynamic advertisements, virtual environments – you decide we help you achieve it with style!

    – Project from 8″ above or below of these rear-projected screens as large as 160″. Since there’s no border, you can put several screens together and make an entire wall or ceiling with seamless picture clarity.

    Jeff VanDien

  2. Woolsey Jr CEO Says:

    This is cool however not a new concept, the John Ryan Company mastered this kind of application many years ago and is currently using the technology to generate revenue not interest for its clients + the GIANT video walls JRP do are relevant to client ROI. Reason I make this point is, I would have expected more from Sony, an embarrassing display of digital engineering.

    Woolsey Jr. CEO

  3. Woolsey Jr CEO Says:

    Jeff, cutting edge patent? Vikuiti Rear Projection Film made by 3M:) Here is a DOOH tip, sunlight and digital displays DO NOT GO together, you can’t beat mother nature and if you try and sell this platform as a way to project digital images durning direct sunlight hours you will have some very unhappy customers, best of luck!

    Woolsey Jr.

  4. Emmegi Noleggio Video Wall Says:

    Adrian, I completely agree with you.

    New Sony models are far better than this, but the grouping showed was really interesting.

    In my (italian) company we are used to grouping video wall and our installations are well known in the market. This grouping was very creative and innovative, I think will use it in the future. 🙂


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